I’m very proud of my Santaluz Real Estate website. I take much pride in providing luxury home buyers in Santaluz with the best real estate tools and technology available to search SANTALUZ HOMES FOR SALE. My website has so many great features worth taking a moment to write a quick blog post about the various features you should utilize on my Santaluz Real Estate Blog. For starters, once you’ve read through this post to get the most of my website, click here to search all Santaluz Homes For Sale by map. Once you’ve landed on this page, you can enter some basic criteria like bedrooms, sq ft, etc on the left hand side of the page. After that you can hit “View Results” . Once the results come up you should then zoom in and drag the map around to see the homes that may interest you the most. I love this Satellite view because you can tell so much more about the home vs just using the photos provided, which are huge once you click on them ( see below image so you don’t miss out on this awesome feature!)
Enter more Santaluz Real Estate Search Criteria   Santaluz Community Interactive Real Estate SearchHere is the next cool feature I want you to make sure you check out. Double click on the map to zoom in, once you get close enough to the home you want to check out the satellite view will change into a much sharper image so you can fly over the backyard, the neighbors, and see other cool stuff like the orientation of the home, like if the backyard faces WEST, or if you are looking at a Santaluz Golf Course Home For Sale, or a ocean view home in Santaluz or both!

Santaluz Golf Home


Once you are looking at the details of the home, be sure to click on the photos and it will enlarge itself to see the photos in LARGE display like below. This is what everybody is looking for, large photos of Santaluz Real Estate Listings, but my website is way better than the rest because of the map search like I’ve outlined above, and lots of other good stuff like being able to search a large geographical area at once vs just being stuck searching one city at a time. For Instance, if you are not sure if you only want to live in Santaluz, and you’re open to nearby areas, and want to compare side by side features, than my SANTALUZ REAL ESTATE BLOG is where it’s at. So, lets say you want to do a search for gated community, 6 plus bedrooms, 7000 sq ft, on half acre lot, and you want to search all or Carmel Valley, Fairbanks Ranch, The Crosby, The Lakes, Del Sur, 4S Ranch, Fairbanks Highlands Estates, etc… then my website can do it all in ONE SEARCH.. just be sure to clear out ( X OUT) the preset field located right above the search box.

Search Outside Santaluz    View Santaluz Homes with large photos


Anyhow, this is what the large photos look like once you click on the image on the details page.

Large Photos of Santaluz Real Estate - LivinginSantaluz.com